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Viewing Published Files

Eos allows for the publishing of inventories and linked reports online for viewing in a web browser by third parties.

Logging onto Eos Publish

Publish Files
  1. Visit the Eos website.
  2. Click on the red publish tile at the top of the screen.
  3. Enter your username and password and click on log in
  4. Select a file from the files list on the right.
  5. Navigate between different views by clicking on INFO+DOCS, DETAIL and PICTURES.
    INFO+DOCSShowing summary style information about the selected inventory along with any shared documents and notifications of activity.
    DETAILShowing detailed information about each item included within the inventory. Items are selectable.
    PICTURESShowing information about each item included within the inventory alongside it's primary picture. Items are selectable.
    Publish Tabs Publish Tabs You can search through an inventory by using the search box above the lists under the DETAIL and PICTURES tabs. You can also page through pages of items using the pager directly to the right of the search box. The DETAIL and PICTURES tabs feature a pane at the bottom providing extra information for the selected item. Select the tabs for:
    COMMENTSView and leave comments on the selected item.
    PICTURESView and upload pictures for selected item.
    DIMS+VOLSView item's dimensions and volumes.
    MOVEMENTSView movements which included selected item.
    Bottom Pane Tabs You can expand and collapse the bottom pane by using the Collapse Pane and Expand Pane buttons. Click on a picture to view it in full size.

All Eos services are running normally

We are pleased to report that the earlier issues with Eos Publish have been resolved.

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